Service Participation Policy


To allow stakeholders an opportunity to be involved in the provision of quality education and care.

The Family Day Care Association of Qld Inc. (FDCAQ) values and encourages participation by stakeholders in the provision of quality child care and supports this by involving community members with a quality improvement focus in an advisory, consultative or decision making role.

Child care stakeholders are actively encouraged to participate in the activities of the Family Day Care Service and may be:

Stakeholders may contribute to the consultative process by participating in the Service’s activities, providing support and advice in relation to:

Relevant Documents
EN002 – Educator Engagement Assessment
F001 – Enrolment Form
SR007 – Advisory Group Information Sheet

GR001 – Education and Care Services National Law 2010
GR002 – Education and Care Services National Law (Qld) Act 2011
GR003 – Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
GR006 – The Guide for the National Quality Standards

Grievance and Prompt Resolution of Issues Policy


To provide fair and effective response to a complaint or grievance and is addressed in a transparent, consistent and efficient way.

The Family Day Care Association of Qld Ltd. (FDCAQ) encourages comments and advice from children, families, staff, educators and other stakeholders to ensure a quality and relevant education and care service is provided. Any complaint or grievance will be responded to in a timely manner in which individual differences are understood, valued and human dignity is respected. FDCAQ undertakes to deal with all complaints efficiently and on a manner which affords natural justice to all parties.

For the purposes of this policy a complaint and grievance are viewed as meaning the same thing. FDCAQ encourages individuals to raise a complaint (grievance) on any issues requiring formal action as it relates to their belief that:

All individuals are required to attempt a genuine and reasonable resolution characterised by a spirit of goodwill and natural justice. FDCAQ undertakes to address and manage any complaints with the aim of reaching a supportive and satisfactory resolution.

All communication methods will be presented in a manner that fosters mutual respect and is conducive to building strong and trusting relationships. Families, Educators, Service and FDCAQ staff will share information both formally and informally through (but not limited to):

All complaints and grievances will be treated with confidentiality, respecting the privacy of all parties that are involved in the complaint in-line with the privacy and confidentiality policy.

If a complaint relates to the safety and well-being of a child in care an immediate response is required by the Service Manager as outlined in the section titled “Education and Care National Law and Regulation requirements”

Step One - Verbal
1.1 The person wishing to raise a complaint shall raise the matter verbally with the person/s involved. This must be done within ten (10) working days from the time of the issue or incident.
1.2 The educator or staff person/s involved will attempt to resolve the grievance and respond verbally within five (5) working days from when the matter was raised.
1.3 Please Note: under the circumstances noted below, the person receiving the complaint must notify the Service Manager immediately.
a. If the concern relates to the safety and or well-being of a child
b. An allegation of fraud

Step Two - Facilitation and Written Outcomes
If the matter remains unresolved, (including no reply from the educator or staff person) the person involved should put in writing their complaint to the Service Manager.
2.1 The Service Manager will attempt to facilitate a resolution within five (5) working days.
2.2 A Grievance Record Form will be completed and a copy forwarded to the relevant individual/s.

Step Three - Mediation
If the matter is not resolved by the Service Manager (including meetings not convened within the agreed time frame) the Executive Manager will be informed.
3.1 The Executive Manager or delegated manager will arrange for the appointment of a Mediator within five (5) working days.
3.2 The appointed Mediator will seek to resolve the grievance within ten (10) working days of being notified.
3.3 The Mediator will provide written communication regarding the nature of the grievance, the steps to be taken to resolve the grievance, time frames and the outcomes of the mediation processes to both persons involved. A summary of these will be provided to the Executive Manager by the Mediator at the conclusion of the process regardless of outcomes.

Step Four - Grievance Investigation
If agreement has not been reached and/or a timely meeting convened, FDCAQ will investigate the complaint.
4.1 Once the complaint is received in writing or following mediation the Service Manager will investigate and document the outcomes within 15 working days.
4.2 When investigating the complaint, the following will be considered to ensure support for all parties involved;

4.3 Accurate records off all meetings, investigation and record of the grievance will be maintained on the relevant person’s file.
4.4 If meetings are required, all parties are entitled to bring a support person.

Step Five - Grievance Investigation Outcome
Once the investigation has been finalised all parties will be provided with a written outcome from the investigation within fifteen (15) working days.
5.1 If any areas are identified for improvement, an action plan outlining timeframes and actions will be completed within ten (10) working days from the final investigation outcomes.
5.2 Please note: Some complaints may require immediate action where it addresses safety and well-being of children or fraud.

Step Six - Appeal Process
On receiving the final outcome the parties involved may choose to appeal the decision by putting their reason with evidence in writing to the Service Manager within seven (7) working days.
6.1 The Service Manager will consider the new information and may revert the initial decision. The Service Manager will notify all parities within seven (7) working days of the outcome or the need for further information.
6.2 If the person lodging the complaint is unsatisfied with the decision they will have a further seven (7) working days to appeal to the Executive Manager. The Executive Manager will respond in writing within seven (7) working days of the appeal outcome.
6.3 Where the person lodging the complaint is does not agree with the outcome from FDCAQ. They can contact the Department of Education and Training, by going to:

Education and Care National Law and Regulation requirements:
Where a complaint relates to the safety or well-being of children in care.

National Law (Queensland) current as at 2013
174 Offence to fail to notify certain information to Regulatory
(2) An approved provider must notify the Regulatory Authority of the following information in relation to an approved education and care service operated by the approved provider—
(b) complaints alleging—
(i) that the safety, health or wellbeing of a child or children was or is being compromised while that child or children is or are being educated and cared for by the approved education and care service;

National Regulation
176 Time to notify certain information to Regulatory Authority
(2) For the purposes of section 174(4) of the Law, a notice must be provided—
(b) in case of a notice under section 174(2) (b) or a notice of a matter referred to in regulation 175(2) (b), within 24 hours of the complaint or incident;

As the delegated person for the Approved Provider that Service Manager must follow actions as outlined in the flow chart for reporting of NL01 Notificition of Complaints, incidents and additional children in an emergency Form ; Information Paper – Notifications on the NQAITS.

Relevant Documents
Conduct Policy
Privacy and Confidentiality Policy
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O4FDOSHCIHC – Information Paper regarding Notifications on the National Quality Agenda IT system
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ECA – Code of Ethics

GR001 - Education and Care Services National Law 2010
GR002 - Education and Care Services National Law (Qld) Act 2011
GR003 - Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
GR006 - The Guide for the National Quality Standards 7.3.3, 7.3.4
National Privacy Act 2010

Placement of Children and Orientation Policy


To provide an accessible and equitable enrolment process for families requiring education and care support.

The Family Day Care Association of Qld Inc. (FDCAQ) will provide families with access to an informative, supportive and mutual enrolment process that will enable families to meet their child care needs.

Initial Contact

Referral to an Educator



Relevant Documents
F001 - Enrolment Form
F004 - Hours of Care Agreement
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GR001 - Grievance Flow Chart
FR002 - Enrolment Checklist
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FR003 - Interpreter Information card
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GR001 - Education and Care Services National Law 2010
GR002 - Education and Care Services National Law (Qld) Act 2011
GR003 - Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011
GR004 - CCMS Child Care Service Handbook Australian Government
GR006 - The Guide for the National Quality Standards